Programmes to improve underlying processing ability have traditionally involved visiting a number of therapists and doing exercises at home. People rarely have problems in just one area, even though it might look as if they do, so successful programmes for learning and behavioural difficulties generally require many different interventions. Typically this will involve a developmental exercise programme or reflex inhibition programme, sound therapy, vision therapy, osteopathy and nutritional therapy. Complex kinesiology programmes designed for learning and behavioural problems also work very well and are particularly good at addressing causative factors. Many therapists offer a combination of approaches and will refer to other professionals

These programmes are quite expensive and time consuming, because there are usually many issues to be resolved. They are also not suitable for people who have only minor issues. Jane Lloyd has worked with these programmes for many years and developed a much simpler and more affordable system called Edutherapy, which she believes works even better. It can be used by itself, or alongside other intervention programmes, and it works both with adults and children. Since the delivery systems for the Edutherapy programme are located in people’s own homes there is no requirement to visit a therapist and people all over the world are benefitting from the programme.

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